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About Luce Teas

LUCE TEAS is an Australian organic tea company. Our special range of hand blended teas are made using only the freshest quality Certified Organic herbs and spices, pure in flavour, rich in therapeutic benefits and embodying the art of living well.


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About Luce Teas

LUCE TEAS is a proven quality business in a growing beverage market, providing premium quality teas to discerning consumers who value exclusive products. Extensive time and research went into establishing quality suppliers of premium organic herbs. Some of these are farmers/producers who focus their expertise solely on growing one particular herb. All the suppliers are completely reliable in both quality and service, with future orders of particular harvests allocated if desired. Simple yet effective blending and packing procedures were established.

Much consideration was given to design and packaging, both for adequate storage for the teas as well as aesthetics and presentation, for both wholesale and retail product ranges. Client feedback is consistently positive. Luce Teas has identified and positioned itself internationally as a Tamar Valley product. These delicious 100% organic loose teas are blended from a selection of premium quality herbs. The herbs are harvested at the optimum time to ensure maximum flavour and freshness.

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Cafe Start-up Program

At Luce Teas we appreciate that newly established cafes and tea shops need to know that the product they propose to sell is of the highest quality and consistent in blending and packaging.
If you are a new business or even an existing operation looking to source a replacement supplier of quality organic herbal teas then we would be pleased to provide a free sample of our range for you to try.
Luce Teas are supplied in bulk packs at wholesale prices and retail packs with attractive margins for direct sale to your customers.


Drop us an e-mail with your questions or for sample orders and we will take it from there!




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Our Online Shop

Each blend of Luce Teas has been especially created for its unique flavour and health giving properties.

Our teas are delicately blended with integrity and passion letting the quality of the teas shine through.

LUCE TEAS appeal to a discerning and sophisticated range of tastes and are currently stocked in selected restaurants, cafes, spas and hotels.

Please click on the logos above or here to get your own!

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If you have any enquiries or suggestions, do drop us a message!


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